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Barrel Aged Goodness

Over the weekend my friend hosted a little bottle share with barrels being the theme. Anything that spent time in a barrel was fair game. I had a great time.


de Garde Imperial Boysen Bu: This beer has come a long ways. Back when this beer was released, I thought that while it was good, it wasn’t nearly as good as the other beers that were released at the same time. After a year of plotting and brooding in a closet, this beer has finally come into its stride. Hugely fruity with a lot of funk to balance out the jam, it was a great way to kick of barrel aged beer tasting.


Cycle &+: You can definitely tell that this beer was really good at one point, and it is still tasty, but it is just tasting a little bit old at this point. While the beer industry is going nuts with putting adjuncts like cinnamon, cocoa niba, chilies, chocolate, and the tears of lesser beer geeks into their stouts, it ultimately leads to a messy beer that doesn’t age well. Better drink your crazy adjunct stouts sooner rather than later boys, or weird off tastes are coming.

IMAG2099 IMAG2101 IMAG2100

Wicked Weed Angel Series: White Angel was my favorite by far, tasting like cider mixed with champagne, in a good way.


Funky Buddha The Love Below: Frankly, I like the Outkast album way more than the beer. It tasted incredibly fake and artificial. I miss the old days when Funky Buddha was small and Maple Bacon Coffee Porter was good.


Oskar Blues Death By Coconut: Palate cleanser? Sure thing!


Grimm Maple Bourbon Barrel Double Negative: Pretty tasty, one of the better adjunct stouts from the night. However, I would love to try a regular bourbon barrel aged version of this instead, because I miss straight up barrel aged stouts, none of this other ingredient nonsense!


Casey Cherry Family Preserves: Wow this beer is great! 8% too! Definitely one of the better Casey beers I’ve had, this beer is clean and well attenuated, has great funkiness, big sour notes, and enough fruit to almost be confused with a de Garde beer! HNNNGH.


Cycle Thursday: A lot of Cycle beers have been extremely thin lately, and I don’t know if that is something they are intentionally going for, but it seriously detracts from an otherwise good stout. I want my stout like motor oil, not like water.


Upright Rose/FP Blend: Okay, I’m an Upright homer, and everyone should know this. With that bias in mind, this was my favorite of the night. Super dry, bright, and crisp, with funkiness and a little bit of fruit that blends well with the oak characteristics that came with the aging process. The up front taste is a little lack luster, but the back end comes in so strong that you simply forget that the beer didn’t taste like much initially.


Casey East Bank: Way better than the last bottle I had, despite it being from the same batch. Bottle variation in a tiny brewery? No way!


Cycle Monday: FINALLY, a stout from Cycle with awesome mouthfeel! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! Best adjunct stout of the night, hands down.


Block 15 Breakfast with the Buffalo: Great beer, but way more bitter out of the bottle than on draft.


de Garde Framiscus: A sleeper beer from de Garde, this beer is absolutely fantastic but no one seems to care about it. Fine by me, they can all go chase after the latest flavor of the week while I drink beer that actually tastes good.


Night cap!

Upright made a IIPA

And it’s goooooooooooood.


Fantasia on the left for scale.

Hammerhead Speedway


Hammerhead Speedway, aka Speedway stout with espresso. Is it just me or has Alesmith really been stepping up their Speedway variant game over the last 2 years? I didn’t used to like the Speedway variants a long time ago, but jeez, they are killing it now.

Random Beers

I don’t need an excuse to drink, it’s fun.


Lagunitas One Hitter: Big adjunct stout with hazelnuts and stuff. It was pretty darn good! Best I’ve had from Lagunitas since Sucks came out!


de Garde The Peach: Well, this beer is still insane. Tons and tons of peaches up front, followed by funk, and finishing with some nice cognac notes. Still my favorite beer from that last de Garde party.


de Garde Currant Gin Bu: Tasty, but I still miss batch 1. 😦


Imperial Vin Bu on the left, Berry Bu on the right. Imperial Vin Bu is improving, but still needs some time, but Berry Bu is singing right now. I can’t wait to try this from the bottle! IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS.

Lambic Pre-Game

Was lucky enough to score a reservation at Langbaan over the weekend, so we decided to drink a little bit of lambic before heading to dinner.


DHvL 20th Anniversary: Very tasty, but oh my god so overcarbonated. Paled in comparison with the beers that followed.


Cantillon Fou Foune 2010: Okay, so this bottle ties the oldest bottle of Cantillon that I’ve had in terms of year bottled vs year opened. 6 years later this beer has followed suit with the last old Fou Foune that I had, incredibly sour, but once you take a sip or two, everything calms down and you can really get into that funk and apricot. However, your palate might be ruined after this. Worth it!

Now, onto the main beer!


Drie Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera: Oh my glorious zombie Jesus.This beer reminds me very strongly of the first batch of Cantillon’s 50N4E. I know this beer isn’t cognac barrel aged, but it has the same characteristic of opening with strong lambic notes and then finishing with pronounced notes of some spirit (cognac/sherry). In my opinion, this is the best beer to have come out of Drie Fonteinen since the Armand ‘4 Seasons. I wish I could get myself a bottle or two, but I might just have to resort to begging for baby pours instead. 😦

This is what we ate afterwards, was very, very tasty.

IMAG2051 IMAG2052 IMAG2053 IMAG2054 IMAG2055 IMAG2056 IMAG2057 IMAG2058 IMAG2059 IMAG2060

BA Plead the 5th

I feel like I haven’t had this beer in ages, so when a friend asked if I wanted to trade for some, the answer was a no brainer!


It was a good choice.

I should use my DSLR more…

DSC_0654 DSC_0653

Photos come out so much better when you use a real camera!!!


Feels good to win our season opener against the very team we beat in the MLS championship. Too bad we lost our second game 😦

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Maybe Trillium Should Make More Sours


In the past, I’ve found Trillium’s sours to be somewhat lackluster. Part of that is the tenacity that East Coast beer geeks have towards trade rape, and another part is that us Portlanders are so used to de Garde fruit bombs that many beers seem to fall flat in the fruit department. Well, I’m happy to say that this beer holds up fruit wise! It’s great!!!!!!!



Now let’s drink all the beer.


Block 15 Farm to Fruit: Holy Moly really good. Tons of peaches here with a bit of funk in the background before finishing super dry.


Upright, Jeux D’eau: This beer is aging really, really well. Much better now than it was when it first came out. I don’t think I have any bottles of this left, and it makes me angry.


de Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Again, inspired by my buddy’s blog, who is going through all the de Garde beers in order. This one dates back a few years, and it is incredible. Tons of spice and cranberry without the huge punch of acidity that I was expecting.


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout: I split a vanilla bean and steeped it in the beer for 4 days. The result comes out to something extremely similar to Vanilla Rye, but with more vanilla. It was very good, and I will be doing this more often….more often as in every fucking time I want a bourbon county.


John Wakefield Brewing Harbinger: Yep, holy hazelnuts batman!


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze 2013: God I love this beer. It just keeps getting better and better with age. While not as complex as the 2013 Iris I had a few days ago, this was a better beer. Tons of lemon zest, funk, and wet socks.


Block 15 Framboise White: This is a batch one bottle, and I had completely forgotten that it had a cork beneath that cap. Stupendous, and it had actually carbonated!!!!!!


Upright Cherry Four: I enjoyed this beer, but it was apparently a little bandaidy.



Well, we did a vertical of Norma back to batch 1, but I didn’t take a photo of each bottle individually, because I was drunk, and am a bad person in general.