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Sometimes you can’t stop drinking.


….just keep going, just keep going, just keep going going going, what do we do we drink, drink, drink.

10 Barrel Strikes Again!


I can’t stop. Don’t mind the water in the middle. All you need to know is that Pearl IPA and Cucumber Crush are stupid good.

10 Barrel Portland

Closed down 10 Barrel on their opening night. It’s a beautiful space, full of light wood and stainless steel.


I really like their enormous chalkboard with the draft list. Chalkboards seem to be a growing trend these days, and I don’t mind one bit.


Great open space, with lots of bay doors that can be opened when the weather is nice, and come summer, they will have an enormous rooftop patio for me to black out on.


10 Barrel Apricot Crush: I drank half before I realized I should take a photo….whoops.


10 Barrel Pearl IPA: Very nice beer we got here, and it’s the first effort that I know of by the Portland brewmaster, Whitney Burnside, who had previously been brewing at Upright Brewing and Pelican. Fantastically clean with a very dry finish, I plan to go back tonight for another glass of this.

3-box day?

Yes, there were 3 boxes of beer waiting for me when I got home today. This is better than Christmas. ’tis the trading season!



Contents of box 1 and 2.

But then…..


Oh you are so very pretty.


Now it’s time to go fill a kiddie pool with these.

Belmont Station Anniversary

One of Portland’s best bottle shops and bars celebrated their anniversary the other day, and had some really damn good beer on draft to celebrate.


Barley Brown’s Belmont Black CDA: More hoppy than Turmoil and less chocolatey than Chaos, this beer is the Goldilocks setting for CDAs.


De Garde Biere Rose: Super crushable, which is exactly what I did to this pint. It was a joyous experience, with a light and crisp finish!


Sasquatch here had to get a liter, because his hands are too big to hold any other kind of glass.


Upright Four Play: Probably the only time I’ve seen this outside of the brewery. Mmmmm

I missed trading

Now that the weather is nice across the US, I can trade beer again, It feels good!


I hate friends

Friends are the worst when they have a Friday off, and distract you the whole afternoon with drinking.

I hate my friends.


But this Apple Brandy Noir tastes like alcoholic dessert, in a good way!


De Garde Yer Bu: I can smell the tea, but otherwise this just tastes like Bu Weisse, which isn’t a bad thing. Look at that big boy ABV!


Funky Buddha Last Snow: Smells like Almond Joy, tastes like…..a beer with coconut and cinnamon. I like it, but I would like this beer to have a heavier mouthfeel.


De Garde Tableau Rouge: This beer has entirely too many vowels in it.


Block 15 Incredible: Imagine a double Sticky Hands. That’s all you need to know before getting into your car and tracking down a bottle of this dank juice. Also, that label is awesome.


Deschutes The Abyss 2010: 5 year old barrel aged imperial stout? Yes, and it’s still waaaaaay better than any of the more recent incarnations of Abyss. This was one of my first loves of beer, and every time I have a newer Abyss I start to doubt myself. Turns out that this beer is still a badass motherfucker.




Tastes like Imperial Hop Bu, but my palate is so ruined it might as well be Miller Lite. Bullshit meter fully engaged.


Why not. Let’s end with another beer I can barely taste, because drunk nuances are the best.

Proper glassware

Sometimes it just feels really good to drink a whole bottle of something, and to do it out of the proper glass.


I hate to admit it, but this glass probably see’s more saisons and sours than barrel aged imperial stouts. I should be ashamed….but I’m not.

Also, 2014 BCBS is liquid fudge, and 13.8% booze.

Two-box day

I like two box days!


This one came from Florida…


and this one came from…California?!

“Goodnight Sweet Prince”

This is what my friend said to his internal organs before embarking on an insurmountable task.

Let’s rewind a few months. This friend is just entering the black hole that is craft beer, and as a result wants the most sour beer ever. The more sour the better. So, another buddy of ours calls him out on it, challenging him to “markintihar” the most sour beer we know of. Markintiharing is a term coined online meaning to drink an entire 22oz. or greater beer, using a gratuitously large glass. I so happen to have a glass that’s perfect for markintiharing, and the most sour beer that we could think of was Upland’s Kiwi Lambic.


You think this beer is pretty, but it has but 2 goals: to destroy your taste buds and to make you poop bloody murder for days.


This is the face of regret.


This is the rest of us watching this happen.

…and if you look closer, the Kiwi Lambic shares a terrible secret: