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Beer beer beer beer

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NY Hops!


YAYAYAYAYAAY! Time to gather up the troops to help me drink these! I’ll also have to prepare return fire for this delicious box.

I lied.

Remember that day where I said we only drank small bottles? Yeah…

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So we didn’t drink only small bottles that day, oh well. I regret nothing!

12 oz. Beers

I spend too much time drinking bombers and 750 ml beers. Problem is that small bottles are just too difficult to split between more than just a few people. Thankfully, most of my friends were out of town last week, so the survivors left in Portland were able to drink some smaller bottles that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to drink.


Block 15 Three Season’s Kriek: This is a batch 1 bottle from a few years ago, one of 850ish bottles. This beer has aged very gracefully, with some nice savory dark fruits complimenting the tartness of the beer that was present when fresh.


Fort George 3 Way IPA: New batch of 3 Way!!!! It’s spectacular with tons of citrus and pine, finishing with a little bit of malt and bitterness. I’m going to put the hurt on this beer in the months to come.


Hair of the Dog Fred From the Wood: Oh the days when Hair of the Dog bottled carbonated beer! 2013 Fred from the Wood was pretty good when it first came out, but it really just begged to be aged. Well, 3 years later….it’s extremely tasty. The really aggressive oak notes from the fresh beer have mellowed really nicely into the sweetness that is Fred. Happy I waiting on my bottles this long before drinking them.


Crooked Stave Flor d’Lees: Mmmmmm, I need to drink more Crooked Stave.


Crooked Stave L’Brett D’Or: This is a batch 2 bottle, and I’m going to sadly say that it isn’t as good as it was the last time I had it. Flavors started to fall flat, and the beer didn’t get more sour with time, which is what I was going for. Oh well, you can’t win them all!


Block 15 Framboise White: Another batch 1 bottle, and it’s carbonated! This beer was completely still when it came out a few years ago, but over the years my bottles have slowly carbonated. This was my last one, and it has to have been the best beer Block 15 has ever made. Tons of raspberry here, with a nice level of tartness that cuts the sweetness of those incredible little golden raspberries. THEN THERE ARE BUBBLES!!!!

Good thing Keepers is over


Because otherwise I couldn’t get stuff like this at the drop of a hat.



Yes, Annyong.

More Stouts

Went and watched Civil War last week with a friend. Since the movie theater we were going to had crappy beer, we decided to have something nicer before heading over.


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout: This 2012 bottle is insane, just incredibly fudgy with minimal alcohol burn. There is a little bit of oxidation, but it’s cutting the heavy fudge flavors quite nicely.


Hill Farmstead Daybreak: I haven’t had this beer in ages, but I remember really liking it last time around, despite not having a ton of citrus and Grand Marinier flavors (I think this beer was aged in former Grand Mariner casks). This time around there’s a ton more orange going on in this beer, and it’s awesome. If this is what an citrus adjunct stout can taste like, more people should do it and stop beating the dead horse that is the cinnamon, chili, hazelnut, beard yeast adjunct stout.



Okay, let me be clear here, it took me and a friend forever to figure out what the hell “BDCS” stood for. We finally figured it out based on a description from a Youtube video about Ozark Beer Co. The beer stands for Barrel-aged Double Cream Stout.

Okay, now we can talk about this beer. It is seriously good. Tons of dark chocolate and coffee with a nice bitter finish. It’s like someone took Bourbon County Stout and Barrel-aged Plead the 5th and blended it. I need more of this in my life.

Little bit of de Garde


de Garde The Lily: Funking up really nicely, doesn’t just taste like wine anymore. However, I still think it needs another year, or more. Wasn’t nearly as good as the bottle of The Purple that I had moments earlier.




ManBearPig glass?