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Small Tasting

I had a couple friends over to split a couple of beers and to play some Call of Duty. Things went well!


Commons Maybelle: Still absolutely delicious, and makes for a great palette cleanser! A-

IMAG2519 IMAG2521 IMAG2520

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Coffee, and Cherry Rye: Coffee was the best (A), regular took second (A), and Cherry Rye brought up the rear (B+)


Upright Fantasia: Stupid good. Best beer of the night. Tons of peach with a nice level of funk. A+


Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood: This beer shit all over Cherry Rye. There was no mercy. A


Alpine Ichabod: Worst tasty beer of the night: B


Hill Farmstead Birth of Tragedy: I love that vanilla so much, but if this beer was carbonated it would be a Top 10 beer for me. A+


The lineup!

Had to drink some bottles

It was a long day at work.


Thanks to my buddy Mark for this one! Solid east coast IPA. B


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze 2010: Blew the cork right off, and was supremely carbonated. Tons of funk though, it was awesome and smelled like old socks. Those who like sour beer, you know what I’m talking about! A

Oh man

This beer is a huge, boozy, delicious monster of a beer.


Midnight Sun Arctic Devil: It’ll get ya drunk!

Drunken Call of Duty…It’s been years!

I remember the days when I was in college and used to waste/enjoy hours and hours of Call of Duty 4 with some of my best friends. Fast forward a couple of years……and it appears that guns change faster than software. I have no idea what any of that shit is or what it does.

But I digress, I got drunk in a classy  manner this time! Well, classy for beer.


Founders KBS: I enjoy this beer more fresh, most of the coffee character has gone.


Kuhnhenn Barrel Aged 4th Dementia: Really damn tasty, I would slot this right at Hair of the Dog Adam in terms of deliciousness. A


Great Lakes Barrel Aged Blackout Stout: Still good, but it didn’t hold up against the others. Actually I lied, it didn’t stand up well in terms of taste, but since it was a bomber instead of a 12 oz, it had double the drunk power!

BTW, I killed virtually no one in CoD that night.


My first Founders beer that’s undercarbonated. Oh well, doesn’t bother me too much, because the caramel characteristics here are pretty tasty.


2 Releases in 1 Day

Two releases the other day. It was awesome.

I didn’t take photos, but Upright Brewing released 4 sole compositions at once. It was one batch of barleywine that went into 4 different barrels to form a series. 2 barrels of Big Bottom Whiskey, Burnside Bourbon, and Bull Run Gin. I can’t wait to pop these open, but there were only around 110 bottles of each one.


Common’s Maybelle: Saison spiked with Drie Fonteinen yeast. Huge nose that makes you think of the Armand ‘4 series beers, but the taste is only slighty funky with a touch of tartness. On the other hand, this beer only spent 2 months in barrels with the yeast, so another 6 months or more will really let this beer funk up and sour nicely. I bought a case…..


My friend’s beer survival kit, complete with tasting glass and cold packs. It’s genius, and absolutely hilarious!


Kern Citra: Very tasty, but it’s the after that really makes this beer. It’s very good, but not nearly worth the hype or the horde of people that showed up to the release. A-



smiley face!

Oh Wow

Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred from the Wood 2012 is drinking like a champion right now.



The Allies Win the War

So this is where the Ninkasi half of the collaboration went. I thought only 21st amendment brewed the beer.


Has that distinctive Ninkasi hop profile, but this beer is still tasty. B/B+

So Dumb

After that crazy bottle share I went home and had this with a couple friends. God that was a terrible idea.


Better than the last bottle, maybe my other bottle was just weird. A


Oh yeah, I had this at dinner. Like a fat turd.

This Destroyed My Liver

The big bottle shares get ridiculous.


Oh, that’s a fair number of bottles. Might as well get started!


Hill Farmstead Juicy: More brett than last time, but just as amazing. A+


Pegs RareR DOS: What a patheticly sized growler. 500 ml?! What is this?! A growler for ant?! On a more serious note, this beer is freaking amazing with tons of barrel character going on. It also pours like motor oil. A


Abraxas: Tasty, but it has this bell pepper flavor going on that reminds me of old BCBCS. B+


Barrel Aged Abraxas: Now this is some crazy shit. Straight up cinnamon toast crunch in a bottle! No bell pepper detected. If RareR DOS was motor oil, this beer is as viscous as curing concrete. I can’t drink much of this, but it is freaking amazing if enjoyed in small doses. A+


It’s a barleywine without much barrel quality in it. I personally couldn’t tell that it was barrel aged at all. B


Foothills Jade IPA: Solid palette cleanser after all that ridiculously thick stout. B+


That’s a lot of coffee. Also looks like one of the guys in my tasting group. This beer gets props for that! B


This beer is weird. That is all.


Alesmith Kopi Luwak Speedway Stout: Tons of tasty coffee, but no speedway stout character at all. Makes me a little sad, because I really enjoy regular speedway. Vietnamese Coffee Speedway is tastier. B+


The Bruery Wanderer: Sooooo sour, it hurt the back of my jaws. It was better last year when I had it, but if you are all about face-destroying sourness, this is your jam. B+


Blood of the Unicorn: I don’t remember what this one tasted like….Good thing I didn’t drive!


Dark Horse Confused Ass Beer: This beer had no idea what it was. The words, “sour, barleywine, and old ale” were all used in its description. It was also terrible. D+


BEST LABEL EVER. It just needs a pirate hat to make it complete.



IMAG2426 IMAG2427 IMAG2428

Oooo look, it’s a bunch of sisters. The Madam of the crew was the best. Lolita was the little bitch.


Yep, don’t remember how this one was either.


Jackie O’s Evelyn: This one was awesome. A-








We made a bottle castle.