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Geuze and Oysters – 4 years running

The gang gets together every year to do a big lambic tasting paired with an absurd amount of oysters. This year, 12 dozen oysters sacrificed themselves for our gluttony. If this was American Gods we would all be all-powerful right now.

Our basket game is pretty fucking strong right now.

Was not good.

This beer has aged really nicely, but I’m a little sad it doesn’t look hot pink anymore.

Barrel aged baltic porters are fantastic, breweries should do this more often.

Don’t put stupid fucking raspberries in beer….unless you’re Goose Island, then go ahead.

This was pretty good, but not nearly as epic as the name 🙂

Been a couple years since I’ve had Vera Mae, but it’s definitely one of the better Hill Farmstead’s saisons.

de Garde The Broken Truck No. 2: Very, very good, but lacks a little bit of complexity compared to the lambics that we had that day.

Cantillon Grand Cru Brucscella 2006: 2010 cork date? God damn Cantillon is weird with its naming schemes. It was the best Grand Cru bottle I’ve had, but I still don’t understand why some people rave about this beer when it is older.

A vertical of Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek. The beers were surprisingly different year to year. I would rank the best ones as 2009, 2004, and 2011. 2009 was funky, tons of cherries, and a cherry pie character that the other bottles lacked. 2004 was incredibly funking but still had some fruit going on and had the best mouthfeel of the bunch. Then 2011 was delicious as always, but I’m not sure it’s worth aging at this point, it’s already so good!

Whew, seafood boil as a food break. My stomach greatly appreciated this.

Sooooo, all of these beers are absolutely absurd. In terms of rarer lambic, the Armand Seasons are some of the best, and are not actually that hard to trade for! I was the outlier in our group, but I ranked these four beers from best to least best: Lente, Herfst, Winter, and Zomer. It was all extremely close though, closer than the ranking has been in the past.


What a treat. Also, my friend’s face in the background is simply perfect.


Everything in my world is great right now.

Farewell Lambic

A close friend moved to the Bay Area recently, and it was only proper to send him off right.

Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2012 & Drie Fonteinen Hommage 2013: These beers are actually the same age, being bottled in 2013. Hommage is all jam and funk, no bandaids to be found here like some unlucky bottles. Tons of raspberries too, especially for a beer that’s 4 years old. That being said, Lou Pepe Kriek is the better beer tonight. Not as much fruit, but way more funk and barrel while balancing those flavors with deep cherries and a cinnamon-esque finish. I really like Lou Pepe Kriek, but I’m not convinced that it’s a bottle you should drink fresh.

Spicy SARA?

Sante Adairius Nonna’s Blend #12: I’m not sure why SARA has suddenly decided to release a bunch of chili beers, but I personally don’t mind. If it’s anything like Upright’s Fatali Four I’ll be very pleased. This beer is in the same vein as Fatali Four, but with much more pronounced wine barrel character and characteristic SARA funk. Chilis? Not really. Oh well, beer is still delicious!

With Friends Like These

Very tasty beer, even though my friend didn’t think so (dat face). Lots of grape, but doesn’t taste like your typical de Garde or Jackie O’s beer, maybe it resembles Upright’s flavor profile? Also….

Do not drink bourbon with Brad.


Old material…sorry

So upset.

At least the beer was good. Big fan of Suarez Family Brewing if Big Night is any indication of things to come.

Fremont BS

BS does not stand for bullshit, it stands for Belmont Station, which has been doing a different event every day for 20 days with various breweries. This is Fremont’s beer!

Yes, it’s a New England style IPA, because that’s the coolest thing to do. It’s pretty darn good, but I can’t wait until Armand and Jean van Roy release their takes on the style!

Just kidding, I’m getting tired of this fad, that and putting everything that was left in the spice cabinet into barrel aged stouts.

Monterey to Portland

Visited my friend who lives in Monterey and then did the long drive back to Portland. Here’s some beer!

Right in downtown Monterey, Alvarado Street Brewery! Doing that hazy IPA shit that everyone is all excited about. Best beer they had was the milk stout with coffee on nitro though.

Of course I had to stop by Aptos St BBQ. They do brisket right here.

Hmm, I swear that’s the same artwork that you find on a beer label. The brewery is right behind me isn’t it.

Yep! Sante Adairius Forest for the Trees! One of my favorite IIPAs and something you can only get in growlers or on draft. I also only lasted about 5 minutes here before some random guy I didn’t recognize called me out by name. God I wish I was better at names and faces, I wouldn’t have nearly as many awkward moments!

10 Barrel, just because I haven’t been to the original taproom before. Cloudchaser IIPA is pretty good, and named after the brand new chairlift at Mt. Bachelor!

I know it isn’t beer, but I went through Bend on my way back from Monterey so I could check out Smith Rock. This place is absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait to come back here in summer and hike around!