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Looks like Block 15’s Strawberry Fields is getting some carbonation. I LIKE BUBBLES!


For all you haters…

All you bitches that complain about how difficult Hill Farmstead is difficult to trade for because “oh it’s in the middle of nowhere”, or “no one wants to trade it”, or “Vermont beer geeks are bitches”, need to know that it’s not difficult. $4$ is all you need. Don’t listen to any of those bastards who want 1.8 KHU (King Henry Units) for their bottle of Arthur. Screw that.


Wait, we’re opening bottles again?!

So after one bottle share we went to go check out a friend’s cellar that was just finished and to watch the Ravens/Pats game. Moar bottles were opened. God I live a healthy lifestyle!


I want that in my life. One day….


Cigar City Double Barrel Zhukov: Very low in carbonation, but really damn good nonetheless. A


It’s a shitty barrel aged lager. Fuckin’ lager! D+


Upright Blend Love: Fruit is faded a bit, but still there while the tartness had been kicked up 3 notches. Might only be $12 a bottle, but was still one of the best bottles of the day. A


Ithaca Lebleu 2010 and 2012: I preferred the original bottle, which is the one that has a blue smurf dildo in front of it. Both tasty, but I think Cascade Blueberry is superior. B/B+


Russian River Temptation batch #4: Whoever says this beer is bad is an idiot. A


Honestly I don’t remember what I thought of this one…must have poured it out.


Dieu du Ciel: Equinoxe du Printemps: Carbonated alcoholic maple syrup. Recommended with breakfast. B+


Ithaca Brute: Tasty, a little overcarbed, but nothing a little swirl of the glass can’t fix! B+/A-


Mystic Vinland: NOPE. C-


Dark Horse Monster 29 and Barrel Aged Monster 29: Very similar, but the regular Monster has this weird metallic aftertaste that the barrel version doesn’t have. Note: Stick with BA Monster.

Things come to those who wait

Yes, after waiting for a month, Cantillon Classic Gueuze 2012 is properly carbonated!


This is why trading feels like Christmas

Yeah…these days feel really good when a monster box lands at your doorstep!


Bourbon Coffee Brand Stout

Coffee variant with tortuga beans from Intelligentsia!


Not quite as good as last year in my opinion, and not as good as the regular base beer. Oh well, still tasty! B+

Fantasia Release Bottle Share

There was a little bottle share on Sunday after the Fantasia release because some guy from out of town proposed one and it coincided with our every other week tastings!


There were some bottles…


Hair of the Dog Matt: Still my favorite beer from Hair of the Dog. Soooo delicious. A+


Rodenbach Caracture Rouge: Really tasty, best Rodenbach beer I’ve had so far, and I 100% misspelled the name of the beer! A


Goose Island Madame Rose: Overhyped, but still tasty. B+


Common’s Brotherly Love: Tasty, but I do think that Common’s makes better beer now than they did when they first started up. B


Midnight Sun Operation Hay: Don’t like Falconers Flight hops. C


something something somethin’: Not a fan. C-


Bzart Lambiek: A friend got this shipped to him by mistake. It was a fantastic mistake and turned out to be one of the best beers of the day! A


Midnight Sun Treehugger: Super sprucey and delicious! Also, after we finished the bottle we noticed that it was 12.6% alcohol….when all of us thought it was around 7%. One of the best beers of the day and definitely the most unique! A


Cigar City (insert weird script here) Baltic Porter: Was not a fan. Drain-poured into a pitcher, but I got the tick! D


Midnight Sun Berserker: Still not infected! Still delicious and Midnight Sun has really had a strong showing today. A-


Surly Abrasive: I was really sad that there was only one of these to share. A-


Yeah you heard me. Hill Farmstead’s Double Galaxy is very tasty, but doesn’t even come close to the hype. A-/B+


Peche ‘n Brett


It’s very good this year. Makes the world class seizeon bretta look like the dumb kid in class. This beer is very well balanced, but could use a little more dryness to it. Like a friend mentioned, this year’s Peche ‘n Brett is more like Oak Aged Bretta with peaches than Seizeon Bretta with peaches.  A

Upright Fantasia

This year’s release was a little….hectic. Less production than last year, and everyone knows exactly how tasty this brew is.


Pretty crowded so far, and this is just the tasting room. Sales of Fantasia were happening out the door and down the hall.


Left: Upright Fantasia 2012 – less fruit, less carbonation, but quite sour. Right: Upright Fantasia 2013 – less sour, BUBBLES, and huge peach presence. This is the most peachy beer available anywhere right now. It’s mega.


Upright Four Play Batch #2: First time having batch 2, and it’s doing very well. It’s really damn tasty and I was lucky enough to have Alex (owner of Upright) share a bit with me. He’s a cool dude, and you’d struggle to meet a nicer person.


Pitches of 2012 and 2013 Fantasia. Let the blending begin!!!!!