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Hogging some Other Half


Other Half’s Double Mosaic Dream is a new tick for me, and it’s absolutely delicious. Thanks to my friend Jason for bringing me a can all the way from Brooklyn!!!

Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer

dsc_21381 dsc_21361 dsc_21371

American Solera Rampage

A friend in Oklahoma sent me a box of American Solera beers, so of course I had to have some buddies over so we can try them all in rapid succession with destroyed palates and then pass judgement. It’s just how it works.


de Garde Oude Desay: Warm-up beer, and it’s really tasty.






Of all the American Solera beers the cherry sour was my favorite. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for these guys in the future. They do great work!


Oh that’s right, I opened this too.


Oh damn, and this one as well. Such is that drunken beer geek life. No wonder why I felt like crap the next day.

Not beer, but at a beer event!

Alchemeat at Culmination Brewing, not the worst way to spend my afternoon.


Then I went and got some sushi…

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Goodbye Beers

Sadly said goodbye to some friends who moved back to Boston the other day. Since they are both beer geeks we did the whole bottle share thingy before hitting a few bars.


Yeah, this beer is weird. Not recommended.


Holy Mountain Guava Table: Smells like poop, tastes amazing. Like funky guava juice. I need to go and get some of that Hawaiian guava juice sometime.


Fucking mead.


Yep, the blend of Broken Truck No. 2 and Leaner is greater than the sum of their parts. Look at the girl in the background dance because it’s so good. She can barely contain herself! ALL IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!


Leaner is pretty good on it’s own too.


Meanwhile….someone didn’t want to hang out with us.


Cigar City Marshal Zhukov: God this stuff is good. They should barrel age all of it.


Goose Island Proprietors 2014: Don’t mind the judging lady in the background. She’s just hating. This beer is incredible now, with the cinnamon nicely integrated into the bourbon character of the base beer. I don’t know how much longer this beer can age, but if you have one, drink it now!


Why good morning to you back! Mmmmmmmm


I honestly can’t remember what this one was like….sorry.


Cellarmaker The Glow: Baby Hill Farmstead Abner?!


Sante Adairius Saison Bernice: well this beer is just terrible, which is why I drink it all the time.


Yeah….don’t remember this one either.

God Damn Midwest Whales.


Perennial Abraxas: Tasty, but pretty expensive…. could use some barrel aging.


Perennial Barrel Aged Abraxas: Oh well hi there, you took an arm, a leg, and one testicle to land. Thank god I wasn’t the one to trade for this beer. I would say it wasn’t worth it due to the sheer quantity of delicious beer that was needed to get this, but this beer is basically the perfect adjunct stout with peppers. Dammit Perennial, I hate you.

Just something I saw.


Mid-week Drinking

100% guaranteed to leave you tired and angry the next day. Worth it? Probably.


A friend’s homebrew that he made for groomsmen :).


Upright Fatali Four 2014: Yep, this beer ages like a champion. Tons of wine character here with brett, followed by a nice touch of heat on the finish. This beer is basically perfect.


What is this man doing? We may never know.


That behind the scenes glimpse of what it’s like to be a beer geek.


Can’t aruge with the final product though. Uli’s Lambik 3 Fonteinen meets Orval is a spectacular beer, the best lambic I have had since the last time I opened an Armand ‘4 Season. Not all that tart, but tons of funk balanced by citrus, with an interesting finish by what I can only imagine to be the contribution of blending in some old Orval. Uli beers may not always be extremely tasty, but they are always fascinating to try. Thankfully, this beer was both really delicious and super interesting. I’ll take that.

dsc_21311 dsc_21321

Yes, let’s keep drinking high alcohol stouts. I won’t feel this tomorrow morning at all.



Let’s continue the stupidity!


Upright Blend Love: This bottle is from 2013, and just goes to continue to provide evidence that Upright might be the best sour brewery in the US in regards to how their beer behaves over time. Lots of other beers that I’ve had from other breweries get worse over time, but Upright seems to be tastier the older it gets. I don’t have many bottles from them that are older than this, but I wish I did. Fruit, funk, and tartness, all perfectly balanced.

Miyazaki and Beer


Clearly you need to drink when watched anime movies. de Garde’s Special Violet easily fit the bill with it’s huge jam flavors.


 Casey Cherry The Cut: Classic Casey. Extremely poopy on the nose, but actually tastes delicious. Tons of cherries just hanging out here behind a veil of sulfur.

Les Cave’s Anniversary

This Saturday was a doozy, 300 miles of driving for two beer events. First up is Les Cave’s Anniversary. Typical brunch and bottle release, but this beer was not brewed by Block 15 like it normally is, but by de Garde. It was delicious. Pretty sour, but tons of wine character and a bunch of peaches once the beer comes up to temperature.



Properly food coma-ed, time to hop in the car and drive 2 hours to Tillamook!