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Just another day in the office

Well, not really. Had to drop by my apartment to sign for an important package. To my surprise, another important package was delivered!




Let’s start with the sour beer showcase at BeerMongers.


Block 15 Peche: Absolutely delicious, and the weird mint flavor that was present in the last bottle I opened is nowhere to be found. Sharp acidity, mild funk, with a punch of peach! OM NOM NOM. A

Now, to watch some Game of Thrones with some climbing buddies.


Block 15 Sticky Hands: This batch is really good, more dry than the others, but still has huge hop presence. A


Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic Bio: Tons of cherries, cinnamon, mild tartness, and funk towards the end. I need more of this beer, it’s so good. A


De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu: Yep, this bottle is on point. So much fresh apricot in your mouth it’s unbelievable. Very tart with minimal funkiness. Thank god summer is here! A+


De Garde Imperial Strawberry Bu: Best strawberry beer I’ve had to date. If you can get one of these….do it. A

Then I went home…and drank some more.


De Garde Saison Desay – Collab with Side Project aged in Pinot Noir barrels: Very good as well, but the red wine does not make too much of an impression. On the other hand…I’m drunk.


Yep, getting drunk…and this was really good.


Oh god what was I doing to myself?! BCBVS!!!!! HNNNGH


I don’t even…

Holy goddamn hnngh.

Just got a box from a guy in Vermont. I traded 12 De Garde beers including a 3S for this treasure trove of goodies. I can honestly say that I’ve never been so happy to receive a bottle of beer that has a penis on the label.


Hill Farmstead Arthur

Hill Farmstead Norma

Hill Farmstead E.

Drie Fonteinen JJ Blauw!!!!!!!!!

Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek

Cantillon Fou Foune

Hill Farmstead Daybreak

Allagash FV13

DAT BLAUWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I’ve been tracking down this beer for more than a year, so did I dance around like Rapunzel did when she went outside for the first time? You bet I did.

We have to boil water now?!

Yep, Portland issued a boil water order yesterday, meaning that the tap water was not safe to drink, forcing us to boil all of our water. Hmm, last time I checked, beer was sanitary and free of E. Coli.



Suddenly my cellar of beer is now a health good…might as well start being healthy!


De Garde Fleur Desay: This tastes a lot like Crooked Stave’s Wild Wild Bret Violet. Very sour, with mild acetic character, followed by what I think is pomegranate and finished off with white wine and grapes. Extremely tasty, but kind of hard to describe. A

Cranberry Shock Tarts

Cracked open one of these because I had a long day at work.



De Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Oooookay, this beer is pretty awesome. Way better than it was on draft. Sharp but fleeting tartness at initial taste, followed by a a nice wave of sweet/sour cranberry flavor with just a hint of funkiness. Finishes with a similar mouthfeel to lemonade. I really like this beer. Definitely better than regular Cran Bu. A+

Heaven or High Watermelon

Just kidding, this isn’t like the shitty 21st Amendment beer, but it does have watermelon in it.



On the other hand, it’s delicious!


Jester King Dichotomous: Sharp tartness up front, with a flat middle of the taste, but the finish is all watermelon, and it’s extremely pleasant. It’s almost like you took a sip of lemonade, waited a moment, and then took a bite of watermelon. I can definitely get behind this beer during the summer. A



De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu: This beer smells and tastes amazing, like the tartness from lemonade combined with the juiciness of fresh apricots. Then take a bit of funk and throw it in there. On the other hand, this beer is pretty viscous. I suspect that my particular bottle hasn’t finished going through its secondary pedio fermentation, but that’s just me. I spoke to some friends and I am the only one who has had this issue. Regardless, even with the thick mouthfeel, this beer is great. I can’t wait to see what a regular bottle is like! A-