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Dropping into Cascade

This time to try their Spiced Cherry Gose, tasted like red hots.


Sour red hots.


Strawberry: Better than last year’s batch, but it makes me miss strawberry fields from Block 15.


Yeah I opened this one for fun. Thank God it’s better than Civil Disobedience 4. Instead of being so bad that I’d rather take a Nissan Leaf to a drag strip it was actually pretty tasty. B+

Buckets of Tin

Visited a sweet new place called Tin Bucket. I’ve heard a lot of this place but have never managed to get there. Well….no longer!


I like the sign, and I know I’ll love what’s inside!


Behold! A growler bar! Unlike most/any places in Portland, Tin Bucket uses real counter-pressure fillers to fill growlers. This means that there is no oxygen in the growler once it is filled. The significance of this is that counter-pressure growlers last months and months as opposed to the several week lifetime of growlers filled the normal way.

Long story short, I filled some growlers and will be making this place a regular stop.

Oh this is neat


Sick barrels bro.


Looks like someone is brewing some Blue Dot. Smells awesome.

Moving: Complete!

Well, I wasn’t moving, but I helped my sister move. As a proper way to celebrate we had dinner and a copious amount of beer.


Here of some photos of the stuff after being poured




Quick beer

That wasn’t so quick. Shared a bottle and had a beer on draft at BeerMongers the other day.


Rapp Brewing Gose: Love the color of this beer, and the floral notes balance perfectly with the tartness of the beer. Good stuff, and unexpected to boot! B+


De Garde Spruce Regards: Enormous DIPA brewed with spruce tips. It’s straight up drinking a tree, in the best way possible. A-

Gotta get that fix

The fix being, in this case, Cascade’s Honey Ginger Lime. This beer is dangerously tasty.


Sooo good, simple flavors, but man are they potent!

I also shared a bottle of Dark Horse’s Barrel Aged Plead the 5th just for kicks.


Hello? No bro, I’m pouring m. I SAID I’M POURING M BRO!


If you get this joke, you’re awesome.