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Climbing Videos and Beer

Yeah, pretty routine thing now.


Oxbow Stillbow Oxtisanal: Collaboration beer that turned out pretty well! Tasted like nectarines. I just wish they kept the carbonation levels down a little. The overcarbonation of this beer created an overly bitter taste up front.


De Garde Berry Bu: I know I just had this on draft….but I opened a bottle, for science. Numbers check out, it’s still delicious.

Turkey Day and Black Friday

Didn’t eat any turkey on Thanksgiving, success!

I couldn’t find a De Garde Cran Bu for the occasion, so this beer had to suffice.


Pretty delicious, but not quite on the same level as beers like Imperial Apricot Bu and the like.


YESSSSSSSSSS, I wish I had a kiddie pool filled with King Henry.

As for Black Friday, everyone went and lost their minds buying crazy shit, like beer. Why Goose Island wants to release Bourbon County Stout and the different variants on the same day as hoards of greedy folks line up in front of Best Buy and Walmart is beyond me. I just went to a bar and decided to drink a beer from the cellar.


Yeah, I think we did pretty good. Hooray for Bourbon County Cherry Rye! It’s so much better now that the cherries have mellowed out.

Black Friday


Goose-Island-Bourbon-County-Barleywine BCS_Coffee_22OZ_Label_rev2

Not Such a Fan

I hate getting sandbagged by people sometimes. This beer was terrible.


De Garde Keepers Q4 Release

Drove out to the coast on Saturday to drink some beer and help with the De Garde Keepers release. It was pretty fun, but that line for bottles seemed never-ending.



De Garde Beaucoup Desay: First of all, I really like this new glass. Additionally, this beer is great. It is extremely fruity with all the peaches and apricots that were thrown into this beer. Not very sour though, which is actually a pretty nice change, seeing as how I’m about to wreck my palate on sour berliners.


De Garde Berry Bu: This beer is really good, super jammy. De Garde has made berliners with blueberries, blackberries, and boysenberries before….but this time they used all of those fruits in a single beer. End product = success.


Some stone fruit sour from Engine House #9. It was pretty good!


De Garde Maple Samson: Tasty, but I wish this beer wasn’t sour. It could have been 10 times better if it was a regularly fermented stout.


Final Damage.

Chasing Bourbon Sucks

I’m also terrible at it. Got shut out on the BTAC releases this year.



Oh well, at least my beer game is still strong!

First Snow!

That means it’s really stout season, so a few friends came over after climbing to crack open a couple stouts I had been sitting on for a while.


Okay, Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne isn’t a stout, but it goes better with Mexican food than stouts. It’s also delicious.


Three Floyds Moloko: It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Three Floyds beer, mostly because they suck at everything except diabeetus and hoppy pale ales. However, Moloko has aged pretty gracefully, and is actually good now!


Block 15 Super Nebula (Pappy 20yr): Yeah…so this shit is good. The 2 years of cellaring really rounded the edges off this beer. It flows nicely from dark chocolate, to coffee, to bourbon and vanilla. One of my favorite stouts, and might be my favorite year for this beer.


Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra: Might be one of the coolest names for a beer ever. It’s actually named after an aerial combat maneuver:



Anyways, this beer is really, really good. Not quite enough to best the Pappy 20yr Super Nebula, but it’s probably better than the other Super Nebula vintages. It’s a little on the sweet side for a bourbon barrel-aged stout.

This hits the spot!

Mmmmm, 4 cans left!


One of my favorite IPAs, I’ll take it over Pliny any day!


This makes me want to see the Hobbit even less. I mean, c’mon, the brewery isn’t even from New Zealand!!!


Post-climbing beer

Climbed like a monster on Saturday, so we went back and had a few beers while we all sat around and checked our hands for blisters.


Lawson’s Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine: Very citrusy, with not too much malts behind it. Reminds me a bit of Alpine, with a touch more bitterness.


De Garde Imperial Vin Bu-Melange: Very good, first time I’ve ever had it. Grapes are very subtle, but it adds a nice bit of complexity to the base beer.


De Garde Cherry Bu: This beer has aged wonderfully. I wish I had more!


Stillwater Gose Gone Wild: Wild as in very sour for a Gose.