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Black Friday? Nope.

I’d much rather do this. Enjoy running around for beer/random things!


MF Doom?


Drank this last night, still Upright’s best beer! A+

Oh yeah, no sharing this time. Drank the whole thing!

Hayao Miyazaki….and beer

Great combo, I need to watch more of this man’s movies.


Commons Emelie: Doing well!


Deschutes Abyss 2013: Yep, this is a great beer. Can’t wait to put a year+ on this guy. A-


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: I love this beer, definitely the best non-barrel aged saison they make. A


De Garde Vin Rougie: This beer gushed a decent amount when I opened it, but it was totally worth it! A


Deschutes Black Butte XIII: No more heat to be found, but it’s still delicious. A

New COD + Booze

Played the new Call of Duty with a friend last night. Pretty decent game, but I really just miss the good old CoD4 days. I’m an old crotchety man I guess.


Prairie Merica: Nice saison, but I have yet to have a saison from them that matches the likes of Hill Farmstead and Upright. B


Wait, that’s not beer. Don’t care, it’s awesome.


Also not beer, but tastes like coconuts.


Hill Farmstead Arthur: most recent batch, and it’s surprisingly sour. I have high hopes for aging this sucker. A-

Why do these happen on weeknights

Yes, I don’t have any answers for you. This happened Wednesday…..


WHAT IS THIS?! A BOTTLE FOR ANTS?! Seriously, it’s tiny.


Hill Farmstead Harlan: Very good, but not very complex. I find most Hill Farmstead hoppy beers to be good, but 1 dimensional. Oh dear, I can already see people reaching for their pitchforks. Crap.


Cigar City Leon: Faded, but still great. Should have drank this earlier.


Yes, yes let’s go ahead and follow a barrel aged barleywine with another barrel aged barleywine. Great ideas happen this way.

Deschutes Abyss



Bailey’s Belgian Fest

After Block 15 I took some time to recover and then headed down to Bailey’s Taproom for their Belgian beer event.


Dat back.


De Garde Morningstar: How the hell this beer is 15.4% is beyond me. Besides a little bit of heat on the back end, I would have no idea. This stuff could get dangerous quick! Not my favorite beer from De Garde, but there are definitely people who are going to scramble for a super clean high ABV beer. B


Block 15 Framboise Rouge: This beer is right up my alley. A


Ale Apothecary La Tache (left) and Burnside Brewing Gin Barrel Kali Ma with Mangoes (right): La Tache was a mustard bomb, do not recommend from cask. On the other hand, Kali Ma was great!