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Drink Moar Stouts


Lagunitas High Westified is the best bang for the buck beer of the year. Hands down. This could easily be $15 for a bomber.

More Science!!!!


Firestone Walker Parabola + Lagunitas High Westified = a beer that is superior to its components.



Alesmith Mokasida Speedway with Vanilla Beans: Sealed in a growler with 2 vanilla beans for 2 and a half weeks. This beer is fantastic. Tons of vanilla, but not enough to come across as sweet because Mokasida Speedway is so roasty to begin with. Mouthfeel is delicious, delicious motor oil and the finish is classic Speedway with some lingering bitterness. 10/10 would bang again. I love science.

Fatali Four


Upright Fatali Four: Great beer as always, but something was going on with this bottle. It had a bit of a ropey mouthfeel, and was really viscous, almost slimey. Perhaps this bottle caught some sort of pedio bug that hasn’t been cleaned up yet.

Christmas Bomb


Tastes like Bourbon County Proprietors 2014. For $7.50 a bottle, 100% worth it.

Merry Christmas


Whoops, missed one.

Last but not least in our Grand Tour drinking session…


Sante Adairius Nonna’s Blend #11: Oh dang, I only just realized that this beer was 8.1%. That’s amazing. This was the best beer of the night and I could drink this all day long. Probably the best batch of Nonna’s since 7.