Bachelor Party Bottleshare

My friend’s bachelor party included a small bottleshare before doing the rest of our shenanigans that I will not post photos of…mainly because I was apocalyptically drunk.


De Garde Black Raz Bu: ON DRAFT BITCHES!!!!! I drank about 48oz of this sucker. A+


Cantillon Fou Foune 2011: So much better than 2013. Just as fruity, but way more sour and more funk! A+


De Garde Cran Bu: This is batch 1, and it go way more delicate than when it first came out. Makes me sad that all my bottles are gone. A


Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus 2011: This was really good too. Much less sour than other bottles I’ve drank in the past, and with way more fruit presence. A+


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 2006 and 2007: Left was OGV 2006 and OGV 2007 was on the right. 2006 was awful, something must have happened to the cork at some point. 2007 was really good though!


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Soooo gooood!


Sante Adairius Cask Cherry: This is very good, but not as much cherries as I was expecting. A

Block 15 Brewers Brunch

I have no idea how this year’s brewers brunch is basically a tangelo saison, but somehow ends up at 8.5% ABV.



Sometimes lambic is just the thing you need to brighten your day.


Oh the Nostalgia

Haven’t had this since college! And it’s in cans now!!!!


So many feelz.


This beer is ridiculously sour!!!!


At least when it’s cold. When it warms up it gets way better. Still, might be a bit of a struggle to take this one down on my own. Well, time to get to work!

Lambic Hauls Continue!

I’m super excited to get these! Especially the 2014 Krieks, because I was at Cantillon when they were bottling these in March! So I got to try the beer off the bottle line, and now I have bottles from the same batch! Woo!


Pre-Timbers Beers











IMAG2472IMAG2471These two beers were had the morning after Brews for New Avenues before I went to the Timbers game vs. San Jose. As tasty as these beers were, it was a struggle to get them down that morning.


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