Time to re-up on Hill Farmstead.



I love myself some Arthur.

I love this stuff

I’m going to be really sad when this stuff is gone…meanwhile I’m going to drink a can every day.


I do love my Armands….I guess I’ll try some mead too.


RIP Robin Williams

You’re the best buddy.


IMAG2305 IMAG2306


Heard from a friend that this beer was going bad, so I had to find out for sure.



Verdict: My friend is full of shit! This is great!

There be oranges


De Garde Desay a l’Orange: There is a lot of citrus in here. The orange peel really keys in well with the Saison Desay base. That being said, I think this beer is best when put into Chardonnay barrels (see the side project collaboration). B/B+

It’s hot out….so more berliners!

IMAG2277 IMAG2278


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