Last beer before China!

10 Barrel’s Apricot Crush and Cucumber Crush. Absolutely delicious!


Timbers vs Chivas Shenanigans

Fucking referees ruining that game! UGH.


IMAG1511 IMAG1513 IMAG1512

I think I like blend 2, 1, and 3 in that order.


Goose Island Bourbon County Proprietors: Yeah…..this beer is still fucking amazing. Might be one of the best noses in a stout and the flavor is nice and rich with bourbon, chocolate, and toasted coconut. A+


Cigar City Hunahpu’s: Best had fresh! I think this beer loses some of the great cinnamon flavors if you hold on to it for too long. A


Block 15 Super Nebula 2010: Dem batch 1 whales. I think 2012 is the best year.


Side Project Brett Venture #2: yeah, this beer is completely different than the other bottle I had a few months ago. I wonder if it’s the age difference or just huge bottle variation. Not a whole lot of pineapple flavor in this one.


Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze 2010: Delicious as always! Now I’m going to hoard the remaining bottles that I have and age them FOREVER!!!! Nice sweetness with good funk and sourness. Cool cheesy quality as well!


Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett Violet: Yeah…best beer they make after Persica batch 1 and Waelzblood. Nice and sour, not too much funk, and huge fruit notes! I wish I could have tasted this better, but I was absolutely smashed at this point. Frankly, I’m surprised that I could take a decent photo in the state that I was in…

Also, I’m going to be behind the Great Firewall of China for the next few weeks, so it’s going to be a little quiet around here. Damn China, what a beer wasteland.

Drinking in Antwerp!

We met up with some of Europe’s huge tickers (rate beer thingy) at a bar in Antwerp that was opened just for this tasting. God I feel special.


But first, we had to travel through Brussels. So naturally we went to Cantillon. 50N4E was delicious.


So much beer on the Thalys high-speed train…


Yep, bar is shut. Let’s get started.


Orval Green: I like this more than Orval, much more crushable.


Block 15 Peche: Yep, still my favorite peach beer. A+


This pilsner was garbage. D-


De Garde Loak: Tasty, but it has a weird flavor going on this time, maybe it’s something to do with this particular bottle. B


Cantillon 50N4E: Yeah, I really have no problems drinking this multiple times in a week. A+


H.ertie Framfort 8: This is an incredible Uli blend, the best that I’ve ever had. So much sweet raspberry while maintaining funk and sour along with a nice soft finish is pretty miraculous. Might be the best beer of the whole trip. A++


Goose Island Proprietors: Yeah, this beer is still fucking amazing. Best variant since Vanilla! A+


Hair of the Dog Matt: Great change of pace from a bunch of sour beer. A+


Yep, getting drunk!!!!!

Then we went over to Kulminator…and got smashed.


Drie Fonteinen Hommage: FINALLY TICKED THIS FUCKER YEHHHHHHH! It was absolutely amazing. Best fruited beer I’ve had from Drie Fonteinen! A+

Box from Belgium

The box of beer that I shipped out of Antwerp arrived! Yay!



Drinking in Bruges


Mmmm Orval.



…and the other beers.

IMAG1209 IMAG1218 IMAG1211 IMAG1210

Winter is Coming

Well, actually….it’s really mediocre red ales.



However….thanks to genius marketing, I will still buy one of each of this series.

De Garde Imperial Blackberry Bu

This is how a fruited berliner should be done.


De Garde Imperial Blackberry Bu: Typical Tillamook cow farts on the nose with a mix of blackberry, with huge blackberry notes riding on a wave tartness on the taste. I’m happy that I’m taking this one solo. A+


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